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hi there, The company I work with is looking for a full time, full stack Clojure engineer : . . Company is US based but we work on Central European time zone with two meetings a week to sync. I'm happy with them.


Maybe clarify that "our timezone" is Central European Timezone :)


yes, thanks


Was the job description copy pasted from another requiring extensive Python experience? The job listing is kind of confusing. One of the "Qualifications" is extensive experience with Python, but it's not listed as a "Key Technology"

Arturo Devesa14:10:19

@U01KP8ZCU82 there's no python requirement, thank you for your question

Miki Goyal13:10:06

Hi there! Reify Health is continuing its growth and looking to build out new Clojure development teams. While we are looking for developers (and directors, managers, etc...) at all levels we in particular are looking for experienced Staff level engineers to come lead some new really exciting projects. The JD can be for Let me know if you are interested. We are able to hire engineers in US, Canada, South America and parts of Europe as well.

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John Roche (spammer)14:10:42

Hello again to the Clojure community 👋 Mote are helping a scaling fintech company hire a technical team lead role in a EU based work from home position. If you are looking to join one of Europes fastest growing fintech companies and work directly with the CTO on a daily basis, then this is for you. As the Technical Team Lead  you will be responsible for overseeing a team of technical personnel, including hiring, training, distribution of work tasks and ensuring  timely delivery of technical tasks by the dev engineers. ✏️ 3-5 years of experience in technical team leadership, preferably in a related industry. 📚 Advanced proficiency in programming languages and coding in Java, Python, Scala, Clojure or Ruby. 💰 €90,000 DOE To apply send an email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> with your CV and a brief introduction about yourself.