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Hello, I would like to help to a friend. I know, much easier solve with python the things from one view or quite impossible with org.apache.poi (buggy xlsm parts). I would like to use libpython-clj from babashka (mainly pandas, openpyxl), what do you think is that possible? I know I can test it, but maybe somebody tested.. and know the limits/ possibilities. I just would like to show Clojure鈥檚 power


@sb I don't think you can use libpython-clj from bb, just use the JVM in this case

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It is possible to build a Python pod though.


Thank you very much the info!

Karol W贸jcik08:10:49

I would like to get the full classpath retrieved from bb.edn. How can I do it?


@karol.wojcik bb -e "(babashka.classpath/get-classpath)"


Is there a reference where I can look up whether Babashka supports a particular class? For example, if I want to check whether Babashka supports java.nio.channels.ServerSocketChannel, where do I look? Or do I just try importing it at the REPL?


There is

David Pham14:10:53

Dumb question with babahska tasks, is there a shorter way of getting the same behavior as this: {:out (shell {:out :string} "pwd")}


@neo2551 (System/getProperty "user.dir")

David Pham14:10:53

But in general, if I want the output from the shell I would need to call the args?


@neo2551 There is sh in babashka.process (similar to

user=> (:out (sh "pwd"))