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genekim03:01:14 Was thinking of you today, as I’m putting >defn everywhere in my code to track down an error! Hope all is going well — I’m working on that long promised “how to” document of getting ghostwheel going, along with a bunch of questions, which when they’re answered, will go into the document! Catch you soon!


PS: I briefly mentioned how much I loved ghostwheel in my Clojure/conj talk — I was running out of time, so didn’t get to gush as much as I wanted to. But here’s the link:, slide 96. And I apologize I mispronounced your last name — I think I said “George Linov”, instead of “George Lipov”! But I can’t overstate how much I love using ghostwheel!


PPS: if you are looking for any type of help, please just let us all know!!!


@genekim hello, just to let you know, there is also the guardrails library, which is a spin off of ghostwheel, suporting >def in a non snapshot version


@wilkerlucio Thank you so much for the link — I am such a fan of all this work, because I continually find type checking to save my butt.