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Chrome is very aggressive about caching if you don’t provide explicit caching headers. You really need to make sure to include them

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I wonder if anybody has an example of a setup running and figwheel.main in the same project? I browsed around I found oz (and vizard) but both of them seem to be using the previous version of figwheel


not sure if there's another way to establish a bidirectional channel as convenient as sente, it looks really nice with ajax fallback and everything, so it looks like a good choice


figwheel itself seems to use jetty websockets directly, but doing that sounds a lot more involved


@danielcompton Do you know to what extent figwheel-main actually handles this problem?


Current status: • Found a year old article with someone asking this very same question: • Also going through the rabbit hole of "full stack clojure" articles and projects. • So far found this example: which uses figwheel.main but not sente

Bobbi Towers10:01:48

FWIW, Zach Oakes also has a good Sente starter as part of LightMod ( or in the cloud at


I could be wrong, but maybe has an example in there?


(also it doesn't seem to provide a way to connect to a repl for neither clj nor cljs)


@ingesol depends on whether Figwheel Main is serving your static assets. I think it should if it does, and you have to add caching headers if you are serving static assets yourself

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