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I've just added direct dependency to java-protobuf 3.4.0 on projects where I have run nvd, haven't had any problems with that. So that can be a fix if (when) updating Closure compiler isn't that simple.


yeah that's an ok workaround, but we really are way behind on the Closure Compiler releases - looking into updating to the latest now

🎉 8

I patched up the goog-define issues in a branch and now looking at what's going wrong w/ module processing


@dnolen FWIW I think you are making the goog-define stuff much more complicated than it needs to be. I patched it in shadow-cljs by just adding :jsdoc meta, no need to go into the compiler for that. (its a function because I alter-var-root the macro var)


Yeah could simplify it for sure


But it’s really just a detail to fixing up the other issues