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Griffin Smith18:01:11

Does anyone have any info on why the :karma target wouldn't actually include any tests?

Griffin Smith18:01:02

my ns-regexp is unset, and I have tests in the test directory (which is on source-paths) with -test$

Griffin Smith18:01:07

ha! writing the above question helped me figure it out

Griffin Smith18:01:18

test was in the source-paths in shadow-cljs.edn but not in deps.edn


@root you should only use one or the other (shadow-cljs.end or deps.edn) for source paths and dependencies


if you have :deps true in your shadow-cljs.edn then the source-paths and dependencies will be completely ignored in that file


I think I should add a warning for this 😛


Hi 🙂. I’m wonder if it’s possible to alias npm lib? For example, react-native-web to react-native


Awesome! Thanks

Drew Verlee23:01:07

Are there offical docs for shadow-cljs inspect or is this still the best place to get started?


I'm still rewriting the entire UI for this but instruction wise nothing has changed