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In Fulcro Exercises, 7 load!-ing data from a remote, it asks to fetch a particular person with just the name in the EQL tab. My attempt is to use [{[:player/name "Luna"] [:player/id :player/name]}] as the query. It doesn't work, and I suspect it's not supposed to, as none of the defined resolvers take :player/name as an input. Am I doing it right?


I didn't write the exercises, so I'll let @U0522TWDA address the specifics. Your query is semantically fine, and it sounds like your understanding is also correct: There would have to be a resolver that could find the person via their name for that query to succeed in Pathom.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:07:55

Bad fomulation. I mean "fetch only the name of the person", you should use the id to fetch it


Thank you both.