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hi. I am following the guide and using the suggested depstar coordinates {:tag "v2.1.267" :sha "a970a33"} and i am receiving the error > Library com.github.seancorfield/depstar has sha and tag that point to different commits It seems the tag v2.1.267 is on commit 1a45f79 with message "prep for 2.1.267". The sha a970a33 is on tag v2.1.253


Yeah, builds from the tag and there's no way you can update the sha afterward. Sorry about that. I've raised the issue with cljdoc folks


In the next release, I'm going to link back to the "live" CHANGELOG on GitHub and have the short sha next to each tag in the releases there.


(since I can update the change log on GH after I tag the release)


I didn't realize it was up on cljdoc like that until it was too late 😞


I've got enough changes to cut a new release. I just need to finesse the docs before I do that...