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Following this discussion, what would you think of the ability to deprecate a group?


My thinking is, if you advice projects to change their groupids, then tooling like antq will be fooled into thinking that no new versions exist for a given project. When in reality they do, just under a different groupid


So perhaps if possible when fetching a dep under "deprecated" groupid, one would see a warning printed. Or if possible, under a 'pedantic' mode one could get a hard failure


antq does a pretty good job of spotting that a dependency moved to a new group ID -- I've seen it recommend updates from seancorfield/project to com.github.seancorfield/project across versions.


how does that work though? There are many groupIds that a project can possibly be upgraded to (I'd love to cc/ the antq author here... forgot his Slack username which is not liquidz apparently?)


A related thought is that recommending the wrong lib can obviously be a security risk


I don't think they're on Slack at all -- but you can always read the source to see how it works 🙂


(! 687)-> cat deps.edn 
{:deps {seancorfield/depstar {:mvn/version "2.0.216"}}}
(! 688)-> clojure -M:outdated

|    :file |                :name |             :current |                         :latest |
| deps.edn | seancorfield/depstar | seancorfield/depstar | com.github.seancorfield/depstar |
It spots the updated group ID.


and then you update the group and run it again:

(! 690)-> clojure -M:outdated

|    :file |                           :name | :current | :latest |
| deps.edn | com.github.seancorfield/depstar |  2.0.216 | 2.1.267 |

Available diffs:


It does require that a lib was published with the same version under both groups I think...