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Announcing a that includes what I think is the most crucial subset of the dtype-next and tmd apis. This may help those of you trying to bridge server/client pathways with data science workflows and it definitely will help anyone dealing with timeseries data on the client or react-native. The implementation here is much more minimal, about 1/3 the size because the underlying javascript vm doesn't support primitive types like the java vm does so I avoided reams of macro code and interface declarations and such. So in a lot of ways this version is a lot more 'pure' than the desktop jvm version :-). Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂.

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Citrus v3.3.0 has been released with a backwards compatible “escape hatch” allowing you to change Citrus’ default behavior quite significantly. We’ve been using it to pass the entire application state to controller methods among other things.

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[com.wsscode/pathom3 "2021.07.27-alpha"] is out! 🎉 - Support disable input destructuring validation on pco/resolver with the flag ::pco/disable-validate-input-destructuring? - Run ::pco/transform before running the resolver validations - Fixed bug when combining batch + disabled cache + missing outputs doing infinite loops - Add p.eql/process-one and p.a.eql/process-one helpers Full changelog at

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