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Jacob Rosenzweig03:07:23

I have some environment variables listed in my dev-config.ednfile but they're all nil for some reason: dev-config.edn

{:dev true
 :dbtype "postgres"
 :dbname "card_app"
 :host "localhost"
 :user "postgres"
 :pass "pass"
 :db-port 5432
 :port 3000
 ;; when :nrepl-port is set the application starts the nREPL server on load
 :nrepl-port 7000}
And here's where I'm referencing it in code:
(ns contact-services.db
   [contact-services.config :refer [env]]

(def cfg {:dbtype (:dbtype env) :dbname (:dbname env) :host (:host env) :user (:user env) :password (:pass env) :port (:db-port env)})
Specifically the error is Caused by: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Unknown dbtype: , and :classname not provided. {:dbtype nil, :dbname nil, :host nil, :user nil, :password nil, :port nil}