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I’ve put the new book online at

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some examples not working, and not done writing it; however, found a better looking way to make the examples work, and @abhi18av helped port them over to the new asciidoc

Abhinav Sharma11:07:28

Happy to be able to contribute 😊


Ch 1-9 should be pretty good…10 is partially done

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11 needs work, 12 unknown…13 should be correct.14+ largely untouched and likely wrong in some way


Curious if anyone is using the i18n…if not, I’m not porting it


But if we are the only ones, maybe we should port it ourselves 😛


@tony.kay I’m using i18n, and would appreciate a port 😄


so on i18n @levitanong and @mitchelkuijpers. I would either appreciate your help doing it, or funding from a company (if you use it commercially) for work. I don’t use it myself at the moment… I’ve done a little of the work, but the docs will need updated, etc. I estimate it would be roughly 10-20 hours of work.


I had grand plans for tooling around i18n, but I just don’t have any reason to build them that makes sense for me, and I need to stop donating my time on things that don’t matter to me (either financially or because I use them myself). My desire is to move i18n to a library, port the docs over there, point the book at the new lib. The “extras” that I’d love to see “some day” are: • An inspect tab for i18n that lets you activate a “edit translations on screen” mode. Perhaps some integration with google translate to give suggestions. • The ability to submit translations from tooling back to the server and save directly to the .po files for that locale • Screen highlighting elements that have no translation in dev mode


There’s at least a couple weeks of work to do all of that.


So, if there is a company using it that would like those features, send me a PM and we can chat abt it.