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Chris Swanson16:07:18

hi, i'm trying out re-natal for the first time. I'm pretty sure I'm most of the way to a running app, but "react-native run-android" hangs at 97% on installDebug task. anyone know what causes this ?

Chris Swanson16:07:52

(using a real android device, not an emulator. i've been using the same device to run my expo cljs projects)


Can you run the same build on the emulator?

Chris Swanson16:07:12

didn't install the emulator yet

Chris Swanson16:07:18

let me give it a shot

Chris Swanson16:07:51

should i try geny or avd ?


I meant it more in the sense “do you know that it works somewhere else?”

Chris Swanson17:07:50

no, I haven't seen it work elsewhere yet. i'm trying avd now

Chris Swanson17:07:40

yes it works in emulator

Chris Swanson17:07:02

and i found some react native docs about adding udev entries that i'd missed; maybe that's the trouble

Chris Swanson17:07:19

cause adb seems to be disconnecting the device when i run react-native

Chris Swanson17:07:44

interesting, i didn't even have to update udev. after running once with emulator, now it works fine on the physical device too

Chris Swanson17:07:03


Chris Swanson17:07:29

thanks for the help, anyways