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"sean corfield aka @seancorfield".. (there's some next level identity sleuthing right there..)


seancorfield pretty much everywhere for nearly all the time I've been online (since the 90's!).

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i tried to get away with using my firstname and for a while that worked, but namespace competiton is too fierce these days


Back when I lived in England, Sean was a reasonably uncommon first name, at least spelled that way (it was common in Ireland of course). Once I moved to the U.S. I found it to be much, much more common. When I first got online (back in the early/mid-90's) I was <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> for a while but I was using seancorfield as my username as soon as systems started to allow usernames that long 🙂 (I was scorfiel on some systems that only allowed 8 characters).


"scorfiel" sound like a proper hacker name!

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