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I wouldn’t mind helping flesh out the i18n into its own lib. Currently the i18n in my work project is a nice to have, so it’s the kind of thing that can wait.


You know when typing things generate a lot of transactions in inspect? That just got improved with Fulcro 3! This is combined usage of compressible-transact! (just got back on F3), and some improvements to Inspect. So in the case of consecutive compressible transactions, only the last one will stay in Inspect, this makes easier to track transactions with rapid succession, like user typing, dragging, etc...

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The new book’s HTML converter is much better than the old one


It handles converting classes into the kw shorthand, elides empty props, and can handle named entities


I’m working with #cursive to get that integrated into the “Paste HTML” feature


Would appreciate ppl playing with that and trying to find bugs.


It is using parse fragment from hickory, so the limitations of that apply (primarily that it has to look like body stuff)