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Hello from New Zealand 👋 Im the People and Recruitment Manager at Montoux. We’re a fast-growing InsurTech company headquartered in Wellington and we’ve been expanding our actuarial software products on a global scale. We’re using functional programming (Clojure specifically) and AWS infrastructure for our computationally heavy applications. If NZ sounds exciting and you’re keen to explore really interesting challenges with a supportive and high-calibre team, get in touch! We have a super international team so you wouldn’t be the first to relocate for a job with us.

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Hi, I'm a kiwi working remotely in Europe. I'd love to transition into a Clojure gig, and happy to be in Wellington for 3-4 months of the year to work in person with the team, but my partner is from here so I would have to be primarily based overseas. I'm currently working remotely for another NZ firm based in Auckland and we have a similar arrangement. Could this work for your team? Or are you only looking for on-site devs?


Hey there, thanks for reaching out. At this stage we are looking for someone fully based in Wellington