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hello everybody, I just posted an issue on Fulcro to suggest a new pre merge feature, if you like to interact a bit more with the development process and participate in the feature discussion, please check it at thanks

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a question about import normalize.css

1: yarn add normlaize.css 2 then add [:link {:href "/node_modules/normalize.css/normalize.css" :rel  "stylesheet"}] in ns.server-components.middleware index
but It doesn’t work . Both tried “/node_modules/…” and “node_modules/…” .Only
[:link {:href "" :rel"stylesheet"}]
can work.


^ There's a type in normalize (written as normlaize) but not sure it's the culprit.


and why every time I (restart) It fails.

(in-ns 'user)
=> #object[clojure.lang.Namespace 0x2c71ca8e "user"]
18-12-14 08:52:50 ericdeAir INFO [weilan.server-components.config:9] - Loading config config/dev.edn
INFO [fulcro.server:62] : Reading configuration file at  config/defaults.edn
INFO [fulcro.server:62] : Reading configuration file at  config/dev.edn
{:started ["#'weilan.server-components.config/config"
:reloading (user)
:error-while-loading user
=> Could not locate user__init.class or user.clj on classpath.


@jaihindh.reddy en… thank you for reply me , But I do not know what you mean.😊


1: yarn add normlaize.css I think it's 1: yarn add normalize.css


@jaihindh.reddy oh, hehe.I typed wrong here,but not in my project.I can see it in my node_modules.😀

Adam Toth13:12:34

Hi all, anyone use the websockets remote with parallel queries before? It seems to work fine on the client, but the server seems to queue up requests and execute them one-at-a-time sequentially. Is there a reason for this?

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Adam Toth14:12:19

we tried monkey-patching it to wrap fulcro.websockets/sente-event-handler body in a future and seems to work fine since it uses callbacks

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Adam Toth14:12:53

this is a pretty nasty hack and we would very much prefer to avoid it 🤢