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I usually use vim for stuff, but I've been using spacemacs for clojure purposes because of the great cider tooling. I was researching what's out there for vim again recently. I'm curious, what plugins are people using? I'm seeing quite a bit of activity around that lately: (And I did my own weekend experiment a while back - and I don't use it myself or suggest that other people do: )


i was using fireplace for years, but eventually i developed the sense that it isn't ever going to reach parity with the cider features available in emacs. also it is kind of wonky and performance feels slower than at least one other plugin i've tried. i recently started using a much newer plugin, and i'm enjoying it -- it's feature-rich and it feels much faster than fireplace, although it's a bit rough around the edges. but the author seems committed to helping, and encouraged me to file an issue for the rough edge i ran into and he's already looking into it and seems to know what he's doing. i think it's a promising project. acid.nvim is also worth looking into. at some point in the near future i plan to evaluate acid vs. iced

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I wrote replant to make fireplace a little nicer


Does anyone else have the problem where sexp (in particular vim-sexp-mappings-for-regular-people) doesn’t work even with the repl open?


I really like the commands but I can only use it like 50% of the time because the barfing slurping commands end up just indenting my code… even after closing/opening files and repl sometimes doesn’t work. Not a very well written question but if anyone has run into this issue help is appreciated.


I do not have that issue.