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@tony.kay is there an idiomatic way to begin a state machine from within another state machine?


Not at present. At the moment you need a mutation env to do that, and I have not written begin to leverage the outer one. It is possible to add to the lib, but has not been done yet.


Ah, I see. Would you consider a feature request? 😄 I could put an issue up in github if you like, to serve as a to-do


I would be more open to a pull request 😉


Hahaha I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Andreas Liljeqvist11:12:04

Anyone with an example of Pathom used together with Datomic? Given [{[:person/by-id 13859] some-query}], do I have to list all possible keys in ::pc/output? Just pure datomic would be (d/pull db some-query 13859). (not equivalent function though).


Better to ask on #pathom. The keys you list in output go in the index. If you don’t put them there, then pretty sure pathom won’t necessarily know how to resolve them; however, it will use them if they end up there and they are asked for.


The answer is generally that you can put more in than you advertise to pathom and that won’t hurt..just consider the index implications.

Andreas Liljeqvist16:12:21

Thank you, that answers my question


Hey @andreas862, as far as I know you do indeed have to list all possible keys in ::pc/output. It makes sense, you have to tell pathom what resolvers it can use to resolve a certain attribute.

Andreas Liljeqvist13:12:49

That would make sense indeed. Probably I will continue without Pathom for a while. As for my use right now, Datomic in itself provides a good enough feature subset of Pathom.