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Dante T. M.03:12:05

Found an interesting behavior with figwheel. I introduced :foreign-libs into my project.clj file and I'd get a Java null pointer exception before the figwheel process failed. The files had compiled as I could view the result in the static output files (if the foreign library was missing, several features wouldn't have worked), so the build was successful. Decided to take the :foreign-libs key and vector out of project.clj and move it into a deps.cljs file in src and figwheel decided to play nice. Obviously I don't need to solve the problem anymore, but these things are an itch I like to scratch. Anyone else see this kind of behavior?


@dante.the.monkey never heard of anything like that


if you think you've found a bug probably best to report a minimal case to #figwheel or #figwheel-main depending on what you're using


is alias available in clojurescript? for some reason, it appears to not be available when i try to use it:

11 | (create-ns 'app.specs)
  12 | (alias 'specs 'app.specs)
 Use of undeclared Var 'app.auth/alias
  13 | ;(s/def ::specs/uuid uuid?)
what could be the reason ?


i wasn't successful in finding any documentation on this on google, although it's a bit difficult to google for


@lmergen no it is not available. ns stuff can only be done in actual ns


fair enough, thanks for confirming!


@lmergen alias is a run time operation on ns objects


ns objects don't exist in ClojureScript


that makes sense, then


does anyone have a way to get test coverage reports for clojurescript?


the dream would be something that works with both CLJ and CLJS at the same time so that we get the right report for all the CLJC files as well, but I guess that's not really going to be possible


i think that #"\/" generates a wrong js code


Is there something special about #error {:message <message>}? Shouldn't I be able to get the message via (:message e)?


I'm trying to catch an expound error message, and display it properly formatted in a node server console, but I can't seem to extract the message


Try (.-message e)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:12:59

#error is a tagged literal which is a printed/readable representation of an object (does not imply anything about the actual structure of the object or what it responds to)


Interesting, that's good to know


Normally i'd just inspect the object in the javascript console, but I don't have that luxury in a node server 😉


at least that I know of...


In my setup, the clojurescript compiler must run two times to produce all the files needed when optimization is set to none. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


when in node, you can do js/console.log to see what the actual JS representation of it is

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Dante T. M.22:12:05

Having issues with figwheel picking up stale files and only updating when (e.g.) adding and deleting a space in a string. Nothing changed in the functionality, but figwheel renders the site. Any help?


make sure you don't have JS asset caching enabled


I thought Figwheel had some cache busting stuff, also you might want to ask this question in #figwheel