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How can I set up/use ggtags in spacemacs/cider? I can see some ggtags bits in clojure layer, but I can't figure out what steps should I perform in order to make it work ?

Mario C.22:12:51

In IntelliJ you can hit CMD and the click on a variable and it will jump to the file where it is defined. By any chance does emacs have this functionality???


cider does have it if you've started a repl: cider-find-var. Most often, I use g d (jump-to-definition) which is like cider-find-var and is able to jump to the symbol by name even without the REPL (at least in the same file)

Mario C.22:12:35

👍:skin-tone-2: 🙌


Well, since I use Holy mode, I'll just leave it here. M-. to cider-find-var and M-, to come back from the definition file with cider-pop-back.


M-Ret g g is "jump to definition" which i use very often. M-Ret g b jumps back