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Has anyone ever seen a case where figwheel seems to be finding old state from files that don’t exist anymore?


I’ve done lein clean, I know for sure that these old js files are gone


and I’ve restarted a bunch of times, it keeps loading old state


it seems like it is getting it from no where. I can’t seem to sort it out.


the cljs-repl is behaving similarly. Unless there is osme fig process server stuck runnimng with this stuff in memory, but I don’t see how


it was crazy. I restarted all processes, double checked all target and resources/public/js/compiled was completely gone. and figwheel kept starting up with stale state


I had to just change the var names involved eventually and it stopped… Unless somehow this has to do with browser caching.


however, the js files were definitely recompiled and didn’t have the old data in them. I checked all the compiled output. I was just wondering if anyone has seen figwheel hang onto old state like this before with no file-trace and what I could be missing