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@jab I'm usually just js/console.logging from the reload function and if that doesn't appear in the browser console, then I must have specified the wrong function name


@jab btw for my reload tests i created this project: and it only works IF i add (enable-console-print!) to the beginning of my src/page/index.cljs, but your example doesn't work with that addition either. i suspect the issue might be the dash in the namespace name....


@onetom Just saw this - thank you so much for taking a look! I'm tied up for an hour or so but then will try removing the dash from the namespace name and let you know what happens. In the meantime, I'm curious about ways this could be easier to debug, like if a warning or error could be emitted somewhere when the provided :on-jsload function couldn't be found


@jumblerg do you have any examples of the new font stuff in hoplon/ui? I'm using a locally built version of the latest source. And just stealing the font defined in the markdown code in ui.cljs, but I can't seem to get the text to be bold.

(def sans-serif-strong (attrs/font :generic :sans-serif [:normal :700 :regular]))

 (elem :sh (r 1 1)
       :ft sans-serif-strong


@jjttjj: try :tf. we decoupled the fonts from the text, which is now t.


@jumblerg swapping out :ft for :tf there doesn't seem to work either


@onetom looks awesome. Reminds me of


@jjttjj I haven't digested the font path syntax yet, but this is working form me for loading a "bold" typeface

(def bold  (font :system ["Lato Bold"] :opentype "Lato-Bold.ttf"))
(elem :tf bold