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shout out to whoever was responsible for the re-frame docs. coming back to clojure and contemplating building a non-trivial SPA for medical pathology, I have found the docs to be engaging and informative.


why is re-com so slow in safari? clicking a button causes a noticeable delay:


Can anyone else confirm the safari slowness reported by @denik ?


If there is slowness my guess would be that Safari has a bad implementation of flexbox


But ... I thought that had been fixed a looong time ago. I'm surprised to see it back.


@mikethompson seeing this too on El capitan with both Safari and the latest Safari tech preview


@denik @jfntn I seldom test outside of Chrome, but I just ran the re-com demo on Edge and Firefox with normal (good performance) results. I don't have Safari. The demo hasn't changed much in a year. So my guess is that there's been some regression in Safari ... possibly in the area of flexbox implementation. The test would be: in the demo app, the width of the LHS menu is draggable .... try dragging. That's a stress test for flexbox.


Yup that’s slow too


Hmm. I can only suggest reporting it to Apple. At least the problem is reproducable via our app. Point out that the same app runs nicely on all other browsers.


Safari is a second class citizen for Apple these days. Too much money made from apps.