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Rachel Westmacott15:04:51

weirdly the “select all” keyboard shortcut cmd + a appears to be intermittently broken in my current cursive

Rachel Westmacott15:04:58

not sure if its an intellij thing

Lone Ranger20:04:49

question in general

Lone Ranger20:04:28

sometimes auto-complete/code-detection works, other times, not. Is there a consistent way to make sure that stuff like this doesn't happen:


@goomba JS integration is not perfect unfortunately, so you will end up with things highlighted like that.

Lone Ranger20:04:20

okay, so that's just a js issue? I'm fine with that

Lone Ranger20:04:06

stuff like this I guess is the hairier issue:

Lone Ranger20:04:51

now, that stuff is all created with macros

Lone Ranger20:04:06

it's probably not reasonable to expect macro support yeah?

Rachel Westmacott21:04:15

@goomba have you tried alt-enter “resolve as… (defn)” on q/defcomponent

Lone Ranger21:04:24

No I haven't, I'll give that a shot

Rachel Westmacott21:04:14

out of interest, what is q aliasing?

Lone Ranger21:04:29

ah, quiescent

Lone Ranger21:04:03

sadly it doesn't have much community support but I really appreciate the functional approach (for front end development)

Lone Ranger21:04:53

but I may be forced to use something else due to my lack of skillz and tutorials 😞