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Did you try hard reloading the browser? with "empty cache and hard reload"?


@mikerod sometimes I have to do that when I'm messing with web workers


@john no. I'm guessing it had to be a browser side caching thing though. I convinced myself it couldn't be but I'm probably wrong. :) if it happens again I'll try that.


I've got a similar situation. Yesterday, I was able to get weasel up and running in a webworker. Wouldn't work the first few tries. Kept hanging after << waiting for client to connect ... connected! >> and I forgot if anything specifically changed, but it just let me into the repl. Studied that environment for a few hours and made plans for further exploration. Today, I can't get back in. No idea what's keeping weasel hung.


When I ctrl-c though, everything that was waiting to print, from the webworker's launch, after the hang, gets flushed into the repl - status messages I setup and whatnot.


Ah yeah. Mysteries. Gotta love them. Hah


I believe it was advanced compilation that was causing it


hello. Suppose, I want my cljs output to be a single js file, is it possible to have figwheel-reload or at least REPL working like that? Just having an issue with modules on a bare jscore js-context.


@jetzajac shadow-devtools by @thheller might be the droid your looking for


I just heard him say that it processed cljsjs modules