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I'm getting an AnalyzeError when running Figwheel, but not when doing a plain cljsbuild build


uh.. just a minute. My laptop literally crashed 😕 had to reboot. Let me try to get a minimal reproduction


ok, here's the code. I'm trying to use Fipp, and getting an analyzeError in clojure.core/rrb-vector


Failed to compile "resources/public/js/compiled/gui.js" in 1.151 seconds.
----  Could not Analyze  resources/public/js/compiled/clojure/core/rrb_vector/trees.cljs   line:25  column:24  ----

  Wrong number of args (1) passed to: nodes/ranges

  23                   (bit-and (bit-shift-right i shift) 0x1f))
  24             (- shift 5))))
  25  (let [rngs (ranges node)
                 ^--- Wrong number of args (1) passed to: nodes/ranges
  26        j    (loop [j (bit-and (bit-shift-right i shift) 0x1f)]
  27               (if (< i (aget rngs j))
  28                 j

----  Analysis Error : Please see resources/public/js/compiled/clojure/core/rrb_vector/trees.cljs  ----
Figwheel: inital compile failed - outputing temporary helper application to resources/public/js/compiled/gui.js


@bhauman I can put this all in a GH issue, just wanted to check if something obvious comes to mind...


upgraded to figwheel 0.5.4-2 to 0.5.6 and the problem went away. Obvious indeed 😄