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I am using figwheel-sidecar 0.5.6 with CIDER. I have recently added a build containing modules in my project.clj and cljsbuild correctly compiles the build. The build is not configured to use figwheel, however as soon as I invoke figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/start-figwheel! the following error is produced

80                        {:id "live-site"

  81                         :source-paths ["src_cljs" "src_cljc"]
  82                         :compiler {:output-dir "resources/public/site/js"
  83                                    :modules {:react {:output-to "resources/public/site/js/react.js"
       The key :output-to should probably be :output-dir  ^---


Has anyone else had issues with figwheel parsing a build containing modules?