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I’m planning on a talk proposal about re-frame, but I’m a little stuck on direction right now. There are a few different places I could put the main focus - What is re-frame and how to use it from the perspective of a beginner. Doesn’t expect audience has ever built anything with React or Reagent, could possibly be targeted specifically at Clojure devs who have never built anything substantial in CLJS. At the end of talk they should have an understanding of the architecture and goals of re-frame, other alternatives to look into, and have a good line on where to go next to continue learning. - What is re-frame and how to use it from the perspective of a front end developer. Expects an audience who have built things in CLJS before, and could include deeper comparisons and analysis of other CLJS front end libraries. At the end of the talk they should almost be able to build a real app in re-frame (or as close as possible in 40 mins) and have a solid handle of where to go next. - An analysis of the architecture and design decisions in re-frame, including how the library has developed through its history. There would be a substantial amount of discussion about other alternatives in both CLJS and other languages (eg. Om.Next, Rum, DataScript, Elm, Redux, Hoplon) and how they have changed throughout their history. Would hopefully go a bit deeper into the principles of FRP, benefits and drawbacks of different approaches, and other concerns that are less relevant to actually building an application. Should be accessible by an audience with no significant background in any of these technologies. I’m pretty sure I could pull off any of these 3 talks and I’m committed to preparing something for the Conj regardless of talk acceptance (unsession or online) - any thoughts for discussion or preference on direction?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:08:30

I think probably the latter 2. You should submit both.


@alexmiller What’s the best medium to add notes to a conj proposal?


@alexmiller Specifically, I was invited to come give the talk at a different (small, meetup) venue — the previous notes just suggested “I’d probably”, not “I’d actually, in front of a real audience"


okiedo 🙂


That sounds like it could either be very good or very bad 😄


I am considering submitting a talk on the state of the Clojure(Script) ecosystem and mobile with a focus on the advantages/disadvantages of the different approaches for getting things done. It’d be less of a how-to and more of a comparison of development experience, performance, tooling, etc. between native iOS/Android development using standard tools (Xcode/Android Studio), React Native (JavaScript), React Native (ClojureScript), and using Clojure (at least for Android). Any thoughts?