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very minor feature request: When refactoring a 'folder' to a new name the files all get moved but the namespaces don't get updated... it would be nice if it did (search replace is fine though)

Madara Uchiha17:08:43

The bluebird Promise library, which provides an alternative implementation of the native Promise object, comes with a few helper functions

Madara Uchiha17:08:04

One of which is called promisifyAll() which is a utility function to run against any other object (usually APIs), it will then add new functions onto the object (mutating them, but it shouldn't be a problem to not mutate) so that for each method which accepts a callback, you get a new methodAsync which returns a Promise.

Madara Uchiha17:08:16

It's a handy feature.


Sure, but in most Clojure code I’ve seen, something like core.async would be used instead.


I think I’m vigorously agreeing with you. Full JS resolution would be hard (impossible?), but that tends not to be as big a problem, as idiomatic CLJS mostly doesn’t do the stuff that would be hard to resolve.


@timothypratley: Yes, moving things around correctly will be the next refactoring I add.