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Newbie here. Figwheel starts a Repl. How can I find out on which port, so that I can jack in from Cider?


I am not a Cider user, but generally these things work automatically if one specifies an "nrepl" connection. Then the Cider code would look for a file called .nrepl_port that just contains the port number. @nick.romer


@hiskennyness May I ask what tooling you use with figwheel?


I use IntelliJ/Cursive, if that is what you mean by "tooling". But I will be honest, I have dabbled in Emacs/CIDER ages ago...hmmm, do I recall having the CLJS run right in an Emacs tab? Lemme do some googling. In the meantime, after starting the figwheel repl check the root directory of that project: you should see a file .nrepl_port. You can get the port there, but this is sth that can be done by the tooling. brb...