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Where can I find exceptions in my cloudwatch logs for datomic ions? I’m having issues where I cannot see compilation exceptions or runtime exceptions. My logs aren’t showing any errors and then my deploy just fails

Ivar Refsdal11:09:13

Are there any known bad version combos of the Datomic peer library and yada/aleph? Both libraries uses netty under the hood. For example one in-house project uses aleph 0.4.6 which bundles individual netty components with version 4.1.25.Final. The same project uses Datomic version 0.9.5930 which bundles io.netty/netty-all 4.1.32.Final. Yes I know it's an old version, but it seems to work. We've recently, after upgrading Datomic and aleph, had several problems, so we downgraded again. For the record this project is built using boot uberjar and I don't know what/which concrete netty version is actually being used, if not some of both. I'd rather get rid of yada/aleph (and boot), but I'm not sure that is happening anytime soon. Thanks!


Is there a way with datalog to return the value of a field if it exists and a default value if it doesn't? 🙂 As a (simplified!) example, in:

(d/q '[:find ?active
       :in $ ?name
       :where [?e :thing/name ?name]
       [?e :thing/active ?active]]
     db name)
When :thing/active is not set, nothing is returned. I'd like to return everything, but when :thing/active is not set I'd like to return true (as a default). Is that possible?


Thanks @U0JJ68RBR! That works for me. 🙂


Hi. Tell me what the error can mean: message "Data did not conform" when doing push.I am at a loss to understand where to look for the error, help.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:09:17

Push? Of code to Ion?


Yes, I run clojure -A:ion-dev '{:op :push}'

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:09:58

I see, and does not help 🙂 It looks like an error from Clojure Spec. Perhaps re-check your config file(s) for correctness?


@U0522TWDA ion-config.edn looks like ok

{:lambdas {:ensure-sample-dataset
           {:fn starter.lambdas/ensure-sample-dataset
            :description "creates database and transacts sample data"}
           {:fn starter.lambdas/get-schema
            :description "returns the schema for the Datomic docs tutorial"}
           {:fn starter.lambdas/get-items-by-event
            :description "return inventory items by event"}
           {:fn starter.lambdas/get-all-items
            :description "return all inventory items"}
 :http-direct {:handler-fn starter.http/get-items-by-event}
 :app-name "<name my project>"}
what else should i check?