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You'll have to update cider-jack-in-dependencies, although I don't think that nREPL 0.9 should be causing any problems.


Hey everyone, beginner here! It seems like I’ve got an nREPL issue. This `shadow-cljs` project I’m working on is starting fine and I can get Calva to both connect or jack-in. From there, I can eval in line or print to the REPL window. In emacs with `cider`, however, there’s no eval happening. Would that be something that rings a bell?


Can you share with us some error messages/logs? See


*nrepl-messages* is empty, aside from the commands I run from the repl buffer. *nrepl-server* appears to be happy (aside from a couple of mranderson warnings)


I guess you can run the interactive Emacs debugger and see where exactly process gets stuck.


this is my first time using this tool so I don’t feel super comfortable. however, walking through the execution of cider-eval-last-sexp doesn’t error, and takes me back to the buffer I was running the command from