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@maria: no not at all unfortunately. ;(


we do have a diversity ticket program for attendees though


and there will be a lightning talk session, so there is still a chance to have female speakers "at least" for that


@nblumoe: That sounds great! Maybe you could promote those options at the upcoming ClojureBridge Berlin workshop 😉


yes, sure. @martinklepsch is taking care of that simple_smile we are also going to promote it tonight at the Clojure Meetup


also, please forward this to anyone you think might be interested simple_smile


@maria: while I'm really excited about the speaker lineup I definitely share your sentiment wrt to speaker diversity. I think I/we have probably not put in enough effort to reach underrepresented groups but at the current point in time there is not much more that we can do except taking notes for future events. (If you have ideas what we could still do I'm all ears :))




@maria: still want your help and involvement


we can do better


@martinklepsch: Some ideas for next time -> there are the #C050YB2HH and #C052W592N channels that could be a first step to spread to some underrepresented groups. There might be other channels I missed. Also reaching out directly to people you know / you've met from underrepresented groups.


@eleonore: thank you! simple_smile I'll take note and hopefully we'll get a chance to do better next time


@martinklepsch: you're welcome! Glad I can help simple_smile While we're at it I'd like to point out that expending on your Code of Conduct might help get more diverse speakers and attendees. What comes to my mind now is adding something about what kind of actions could be taken and who can be contacted to report a breach of the CoC. Here are a few examples:,,


Having people to contact in case of problems/breaches is on my list simple_smile I'll consider a more explicit code of conduct again, if we change it we'd probably use


@eleonore: thanks for all your input, really appreciate it simple_smile keep it coming simple_smile


@martinklepsch: no problem! I'll try and gather this type of info in a gist or gh repo so they can easily be shared.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:01:54

@martinklepsch: fyi, Lynn and I would be happy to serve as a resource for anything related to Clojure events (including events that we have no part in) - feel free to ping us in tandem at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:01:44

I think the idea of a resource guide for Clojure events sounds pretty great, certainly things like this exist generally but having something Clojure specific would increase the odds of it being found in our community


I don't like 📧. Is Lynn here? Hi Lynn. We need to ☎️ 😈