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usually, depending on the app, you would have the first ns where everything is started from. it can be a handler for web apps, or -main, or something else


I suspect the actual placement would not matter in cljs, since it will become one big file anyway, but it would depend on whether the goog.requires precede the expanded version of defstate


the idea is to let compiler know to compile mount sources before using defstate


@tolitius: Hm. I tried putting (:require [mount.core]) only in my main mount-question.core ns which :refers the other one where the warning occurs (`mount-question.config` in the minimal example) ... and the warning appears. But if I move (:require [mount.core]) back to mount-question.config ns instead, it's happy. In my real app, config is the bottom-most dependency that everyone else ultimately relies on. So it looks like putting it in the main ns is not as 'early' as putting it in the bottom-most ns that needs to be defined first?


@fappy: that's because mount-question.core requires mount-question.config, which makes the compiler to compile config first