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Anyone with a apple M1 computer here? What emacs do you use? I've tried compiling from source, but it segfaults. I've also downloaded a x86 binary which works okay (kinda slow though), except for magit that takes like 3 seconds for any action.


I do not have an M1-based Mac, but this web site seems more likely to do a good job for Mac builds of Emacs than some others:


You may also want to try MacPorts or Homebrew -- again I do not have an M1-based Mac, so don't know how well those tools support M1's yet, but lots of devs enhancing the build scripts for those things are likely to be early M1 adopters.


The one I have is from that website, I don't know why magit is so slow. Supposedly, that issue was fixed on osx. Macports segfaults during compile for me. As for homebrew... I tried installing from that yesterday, but it failed telling me bad CPU. I later learned that it's because I need to manually install rosetta 2 (x86 emulator), so I think I'll try homebrew again


All in all, this macbook air is kinda cool, but definitely some rough edges to replicate my clojure dev environment


Sorry, bad guesses on my part, sounds like. I am waiting until M1's are out in a bigger screen and memory footprint before I shell out for one, and as a side benefit other devs will hopefully have smoothed things out for me by then 🙂


ahah yeah


I'm also waiting for a bigger screen and ram. Which is why I took a cheap refurbished air model. From what I've seen, macs retain a lot of resell value, so I hope I'll be able to switch without breaking the wallet. Specially if I resell if after coming back to europe (I'm in singapore right now). Macs there seem a good 30% more expensive


I use gnu emacs-27 branch + Mitsuharu Yamamoto’s patches. I had to recently downgrade my version of autoconf to 2.69 because 2.71 caused a sigkill.


I don’t know why yet, but 2.7x has some big changes and rewrites some of the build files. no issues building with 2.71 on my intel macs.


ooh thanks, maybe the autoconf was my issue too


Hello! This one is for the clojure-lsp users. I am running lsp-rename and after writing the new symbol and hitting enter nothing is renamed and I see no error in the messages buffer.. Any idea? Other lsp commands work just fine so not sure what the problem might be


Check cloure-lsp logs


mmm nothing useful I’d say

2021-03-24T22:33:39.628Z  DEBUG [clojure-lsp.main:?] - :hover 14ms
2021-03-24T22:33:39.631Z  DEBUG [clojure-lsp.main:?] - :codeAction 18ms
2021-03-24T22:33:43.670Z  DEBUG [clojure-lsp.main:?] - :rename 4ms


it just ends with a rename


what is your clojure-lsp --version?


check emacs clojure-lsp stderr buffer as well


I literally just got it so

clojure-lsp 2021.03.21-23.29.19
clj-kondo 2021.03.04-SNAPSHOT


emacs msg and stderr buffers say pretty much nothing.. I wonder If the feature might be conflicting with something else I use


I don't know any emacs feature that could conflict with that


it could be a lsp-mode issue, to make sure, we need to check client<->server json request/response


hold on I tried in a shadow-cljs project and it worked


to test that I was initially using a fresh lein project.


yeah, minimal repros always help to find the issue


Ok I think I figured it out.. when renaming the project dir I needed to kill and reopen all buffers for clojure-lsp to work properly.. I was getting errors like db being nil or server couldn’t start


Hum, probably some kind of out of sync with lsp-mode


in those cases, lsp-workspace-restart should fix


on dir rename I got again the prompt to point to the new project root but maybe something goes wrong.. anyways thanks for getting back so quickly .. it’s really not a common scenario tbh


oh I see haven’t tried that command


glad it works now 🙂

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