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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)13:03:33

Are there plans to support custom (not GH) domains as verified group names? Also, should likely be updated as it reads > Maven Central enforces this as a requirement for publishing there; Clojars does not. If you have a domain name that you control, you can use that as the group ID. Alternatively you can pick a unique, creative name for your project, e.g. korma, ring, buddy. which, if I am right, is not true anymore due to the Dependency Confusion attack. (I see there is also Ah, I found the answer: > If you aren't using one of the auto-verified group names above, you will need to with the Clojars staff.


Glad you found the answer! Yes, I need to take a pass at the documentation and clean it up. I hope to get to that this weekend.


@U06SGCEHJ LMK if you want some help with the Clojure CLI / deps.edn related tooling docs — it’s just Leiningen (and Boot?) right now.


Thanks @U04V70XH6, that would be great. I've never deployed with Clojure CLI

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:03:29

Hi again! Any tips how to troubleshoot > Could not transfer artifact cz.holyjak:clj-concordion:jar:2.0.0-20210324.173950-1 from/to clojars ( Failed to transfer file with status code 401 ? This used to work before, and I have gpg --quiet --batch --decrypt ~/.lein/credentials.clj.gpg my credeentials


Looking at the logs, it looks like you aren't using a deploy token. You have to use a token in place of a password now. See


My pleasure!