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clojure-lsp Released with just some bug fixes and bumps: • Migrate from lein to deps.edn • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.03.22 • Fix clean-ns sorting according to symbols not brackets - Fixes #380 c/c @dpsutton • Fix missing graalvm reflect config for CompletionItemTextEdit - Fixes #381 c/c @brandon.ringe

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David Pham12:03:26

Did I miss anything about auto-complete with LSP? I have the feeling it is not working anymore.

David Pham12:03:43

I use emacs (if that helps haha)


It should work, are you using latest version?

David Pham12:03:14

Specifically, in ClojureScript, when I import a namespace with an alias, the autocomplete function fails to provide me any help

David Pham12:03:23

latest version (emacs and clojure-lsp)

David Pham12:03:35

I tried with re-frame.core :as rf

David Pham12:03:23

Disabling lsp and reenabling cider seems to do the trick.

David Pham12:03:31

but I wonder if there was anything.

David Pham12:03:08

Emacs tells me there is an internal error when I try to auto complete


it seems to be a issue with your lsp-mode so, you can debug it with toggle-debug-on-error


to get the stacktrace


it should work, please open an issue following the issue template and check as well

David Pham12:03:30

completion--some: Internal error.

David Pham12:03:40

is the message I get