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anyone around here actively uses the nubank/matcher-combinators lib? I'd like to know if it breaks your cider's clojure.test integration (of if it's only for me - I use an odd/old cider)


Yes, I do, and the ANSI color codes don’t render correctly. A coworker has a bit of elisp to fix it, let me find it.


for me the biggest issue is false negatives: tests based on match? report success even if not passing


hmm, I haven’t seen that.


it might be an old cider issue, I’m on recent versions of cider and nrepl

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the weird thing is that ultimately matcher-combinators uses clojure.test, so when properly using clojure.test, things should just work :) i.e. CIDER (old and new) is smart enough to integrate with arbitrary frameworks as long as they use clojure.test properly


appreciate much the confirmation anyway!


Hi @U45T93RA6, for the false positives, you can check if the code isn't forgetting to assert the match (is (match? ...)) instead of just (match? ...) , I've been bitten by this in the past


hi, thanks for the response! I tried again just now, no luck sadly


turns out: * cider has its own report multimethod * cider manually defines a custom defmethod for matcher-combinators: as mentioned in my OP, my cider is older than current. Anyway honestly a few things seem off to me (why use a custom :matcher-combinators/mismatch dispatch value? why cider has to create its own API that doesn't leverage 3rd party clojure.test integrations automatically?)