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hi Is it possible to connect to cider via unix socket? (i was not able any mention of it, but maybe my google-fu is bad)


Not yet, as nREPL doesn't support UNIX sockets, but it should become possible soon.


What a timely question :d


Indeed - seems there's demand for UNIX sockets after all. 😄


They were kind of problematic on Java, as the JDK didn't support them out of the box until a few days ago.


@U051BLM8F we had built this thing based on OkHttp to fill this gap: See if its of use to you if you'd wanna support older JDKs 😄 This was built mainly for the docker socket usecases in clj-docker-client


There will be an optional fallback with a 3rd party library for people on older JDKs, but people will have to add the dep manually to their projects, as nREPL itself can't have hard deps to avoid collisions with user code.