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hey guys, I am new at learning clojure and was using intellij and cursive plugin, but i decided to switch to emacs. I want to know if there a cursive plugin for emacs, if yes how to get it?


You got many options for Emacs. Cider is the most popular one. There is also inf-clojure (most minimal). Clojure-lsp, and spiral


But you should try Cider first


CIDER is what the large majority of developers use to give you all the IDE features you are used to. There are some great docs at If you are new to Emacs, I suggest looking at a community configuration to help you get started quickly, such as Spacemacs. My Spacemacs setup for Clojure is detaied here It includes auto-completion, got client, linter, structural editing, etc.


Check out CIDER Its the go to clojure plugin for emacs. Its different than cursive but theres a lot of overlap.


Also if you have further questions about it theres a cider specific channel