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Hi, and welcome, @wravel

Roman Tsopin08:05:09

Hi all. Just gave Calva 2.0 a try, and couldn't get it working. Maybe someone could help? I clicked on nREPL, then pressed Esc to enter port for deps project manually. After that I saw new CLJ REPL panel on the right where I couldn't type anything and bottom bar still shows disconnected state.


@romantsopin thanks for giving it a spin. The current build is broken when it comes to connecting to a running nrepl server. You can try to let Calva start the server for you instead. There is a command for that: Start a project REPL and connect (aka Jack-in). Unless you are on windows, but I’m getting help from @slack1038 with that.


@pez did you try if changing to fsPath works on your part to?


No, and sorry for leaving you hanging. Swamped in mundane life things here. I'll scramble for some time so that we can have a chat and move this forward


No problem 🙂 i will try to help when i can 🙂


You are on to the problem, I am pretty sure. I changed those parts pretty recently, trying to get rid of warnings.

Roman Tsopin14:05:55

Thanks @pez, got it working, here's some feedback. New REPL is cool. I especially like autocomplete with arity parameters. Hope to see those on code tab too 🙂 Some inconveniences I discovered: hover draws autocomplete above window, but REPL tries to fit autocomplete inside REPL. It's often doesn't look good on narrow REPLs and scroll jumps when you switching between suggestions. Also "send current form to terminal" automatically shifts focus to REPL. At least for me it isn't always wanted behaviour, e.g. you may want to send several things one by one while messing with code. Also is there fast way to clean the REPL, like ctrl + L? Logo takes too much space now. Smaller ones: a cursor is little bit too noisy and font is too large 🙂 Also It would be really handy to save 'calva.evalCurrentFormInREPLTerminal' to support old workflows and smooth the transition. I mean to have the ability to use terminal repl too.


Thanks, @romantsopin! This is great feedback. Can I be a bit greedy and wish for you turning it into issues on Github? Some of it is already there, but some isn’t and I’d like to keep your findings.


I have also started to think there is value in Terminal REPLs even when the new REPL window is there, btw. It will be a bit of work to put them back, because we have really replaced that with the new window. But it might be a nice feature request for someone to tackle.

Roman Tsopin14:05:00

I'll make issues when I get to my computer and sort out existing ones 🙂 In regards terminal, maybe it could be something simple like it simply sends forms to running repl. I find this extension very handy sometimes. Good thing it's completely universal and works with any setup.


So, if there already exists an extension, maybe we needn’t add it in Calva?

Roman Tsopin15:05:13

Right. But it could include some handy things like using existing nrepl connection and other Calva conveniences. But I see your point


@slack1038, I have some little time to look at the path problems right now, do you?


@pez ih have some time right now 🙂


Aweomse. I only have a short time now. But at least we can just share some info about the problem. I’ll contact you in a DM.


Windows users. There’s a new build here: that fixes the problem with not finding the project files on Windows. Thanls @slack1038! However, we still have a problem with the quoting of the jack-in command lines on Windows. It is a bit messy with legacy cmd.exe, PowerShell and WSL, so I’d love some help with testing this build.


so i got it working when i changed the default shell in vscode to the legacy cmd.exe 🙂 with powershell the problem is known, also tried my git-bash but here i hava a totaly diffrent problem


@slack1038 , so maybe, if we can force the jack-in to use cmd.exe?


mhm maybe could be a workaround for now, do you know how to force it in a task?


No, but anyway. 😎


From the vsCode API it seems that it is not possible


Not good. 😢