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What’s Hillis doing these days? He was doing the Long Now stuff for a while


There’s a sale for 50% off all MEAP books today including Joy of Clojure which I finally just picked up 🙂


Joy of Clojure isn't a MEAP is it? I just looked and Manning has 2 other Clojure books in the early access program .


Not a MEAP but today's code works for that and other non-MEAP books


I was under the impression it was just for MEAP books but it worked for Joy of Clojure. Not sure if glitch in their promo system or if the deal is for books that came out of the MEAP program?


Hmmm... I already have all the Clojure ones, so I'll fall back for now. Just to be OFF TOPIC, I think Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists is my favorite that Manning sells. Book so nice I've read it twice.


Whats makes it so nice?


Something about the way it gradually goes through the topics. The other computer music books I have for SuperCollider, Pure Data, CSound, etc are denser and more academic. This PMDA book is the one that I would hand to someone who has no previous knowledge of computer music. Also that it's about the wonderful language ChucK which does a lot of interesting things with time and concurrency.


Sounds really cool actually. I'll file it away on my reading list. Thanks!


The author has an online course. I took an earlier version of the course in 2013 while the book was being written. (Where has the time gone?)


Can anyone recommend any books besides the Clojure ones on


Generative Art Introducing Data Science Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists The Quick Python Book


I recently bought Security by Design. Interesting if you are into architecture


Thanks for the recommendation Eric! Just picked up Introducing Data Science.


I had no idea what "data science" was. After reading that book, I was relieved to know that I was already doing ~80% of it.


Sigh just broke down and bought Build Your Career in Data Science. Maybe I'll kickstart a career at age 46.


Please share your thoughts on it, definitely curious but I have specific topics I was after this round.


Chapter 1 gave me a good sense of the career landscape. There is so much jargon with Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, etc. I get a sense that it will go a lot into dealing with various types of posers and administrators. So many people want this $exy career, but do they really know how much of it is digital janitorial work? (I do)


I picked up far too many 😰. The Tao of Microservices, Math for Programmers, Serverless AWS, Microservices in Action, Event Processing in Action, Event Streams in Action, and Get Programming with Clojure, and Joy of Clojure.


I've been eyeballing Math for Programmers for a while, and just picked it up


I want to know the things!


You can never have too many books! I have literally hundreds of ebooks that I carry everywhere and dip into repeatedly.


Very true. What ones are you reading currently? I’m reading Emotional Intelligence, Clojure for the Brave and True, and Domain Modeling Made Functional.


I'm "in progress" on too many tech books to name. On non-tech, I just started "Younger Next Year" (haven't gotten far enough to form an opinion -- it was recommended by the orthopedic specialist my wife just started seeing for her knees).


Fair enough! Just finished the original Dune series and an autobiography written by the singer of The Locust, in progress of The Wind Up Bird.


"Would the owner of an ounce of dignity please come down to mall security?"


“Give back those dirty plungers the trumpet players can't bleed without them”


OH. THAT is what they are singing.