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Fulcro 3.0.0-pre-alpha-4 is on clojars. This is NOT API compatible with F2 yet (but it takes little to port). The repository has a fulcro-todomvc project that is working full stack if you want to see the differences. At this point full-stack operation seems to be working with the new internals. I’ve ported routing and UI state machines but have not tested them. I know dynamic router is currently broken because some internals are missing that it needs. fulcro-garden-css is now the library (on clojars as 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and fulcrologic github) moves the CSS concerns to a library, and also demonstrates how easy it is to “add functionality” to defsc components now (without writing macros!) Community feedback is welcome. It is getting close to the basic layout and simplifications I am aiming for…just a lot of polish left.

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Many things remain. Inspect won’t see it, workspaces is not ported, etc.


and of course tolerating the fact that some central features (like *shared*) are not yet ported.