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@gganley Since TaskPaper seems to use only plain text files and understands only a very simple syntax, you could definitively use a "RegExp replace" or a write a short Macro to convert your org-mode file syntax into TaskPaper.


@gganley if you write something yourself, you might find this useful


@gganley - I also wonder if TaskPaper might convert to/from any format that pandoc understands. It already understands org-mode syntax.


If I remember from my haskell days pandoc uses attoparsec so “all i need to do” is write a TaskPaper parser and bam, free money


Can I change the default template that is generated for test files? Not sure whose responsibility (cider, projectile, ???) it is but when I create a new test file it will automatically generate a skeleton with matching namespace aliased as sut + clojure.test namespace aliased as t. I'd like to change (at least) the clojure.test part to :refer :all