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Hello everyone! I've been using spacemacs until now, but wanted to try out neovim + vim-fireplace. Unfortunately I ran into a problem that has an open issue on github: Did anyone here stumble on something related to this?


I've not run into that myself with piggyback


Thanks 🙂! If no one around here has run into this then I'll do some exploring to see if I find what's causing it, just wanted to check if it was not already a known thing.


I mean, there's an issue, so there's something to it I guess 😄


But generally, I can eval stuff in Piggieback. I think :thinking_face: tries to remember the last time he actually did it


@andre.stylianos I think I ran into that once, and I solved it by changing a - in my filename to an _.


hmmm... That could actually be a possibility, we've had a nasty surprise with that on a filename not long ago. Maybe it was at the same time that I was trying this out. Will check again soon. Thanks for the pointer!


No worries, let me know if it works and I’ll stick something on the github thread!