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Rowan Barnard10:03:45

Hi again 😅 I'm still having issues with that command, here is what I entered along with the output:

Rowan Barnard10:03:03

clojure -X:new :template luminus :name Rowan/guestbook :output '"mywebapp"' :args '["+h2" "+http-kit"]' Downloading: luminus/lein-template/maven-metadata.xml from clojars Unrecognized options: +h2, +http-kit Supported options are: +sqlite, +hoplon, +kee-frame, +immutant, +datomic, +site, +undertow, +h2, +auth-jwe, +reitit, +reagent, +jetty, +cljs, +graphql, +service, +sassc, +oauth, +swagger, +servlet, +auth, +war, +http-kit, +expanded, +cucumber, +aleph, +mongodb, +basic, +postgres, +boot, +mysql, +re-frame, +kibit, +shadow-cljs

Rowan Barnard10:03:16

I don't understand why it says those are unrecognised options and then clearly lists them underneath as supported options 😂


@flyingpython This works on macOS/Linux so it’s a Windows-only quoting issue. I don’t use Windows so I don’t know what to suggest in terms of changing how you invoke it — you’ll have to figure that out (or switch to Linux/macOS 🙂 )