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Hi clj friends, We're looking for a smart Clojure backend developer to join us at (we also have a bit of ClojureScript but the front is mainly coded in ReScript by a dedicated team), I'm afraid it's only in France for now (ideally Montpellier or Paris) but I guess something is possible if there is really a match. We're a small team of developers, with a growing global team (France and US) of 30+ people. BeOp is an adtech company, our widget is cookieless and interactive, this is our value proposition. We have a traffic of thousands of requests per seconds to handle in real time or near-real-time and we leverage AWS (Kinesis, Beanstalk, Lambda, ...) and Google Cloud (BigQuery) to do that effectively and with limited costs. We have a devops culture and all are pragmatic developers (this is one of the reasons why we use Clojure!). We would love to onboard an experimented Clojure developer who can help us get to the next level, there is a big roadmap and very interesting subjects to come, this is a good time to join. Here the job offer in french (sorry) (, feel free to message me I'd love to tell you more.

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