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Anyone here using krell? I bumped into this issue then tried to downgrade npm etc, but that unleashes a whole bunch of other problems Am I better off with another way of working with react-native..?


I’m using krell but have not tried to upgraded to RN 17 yet. If you’re having trouble with it, you could give shadow-cljs a shot, I think a number of people here are on that and having good success.


@hkjels The --install-deps step doesn’t do anything apart from adding these :npm-deps to your package and installing:


AFAIK you can just put those in package.json, npm install, and you’re fine. I would guess if there’s an issue with npm 7+ it’s because they broke how their options work or something.


Doing that gets me exactly as far as if I downgrade npm. I get a bunch of errors about functions not being exported from various files


Ex: Attempted import error: 'evaluate' is not exported from './krell_repl.js'.


Although, it looks like it should be:

module.exports = {
    evaluate: evaluate,
    onKrellReload: onKrellReload,
    onKrellCacheInvalidate: onKrellCacheInvalidate,
    onSourceLoad: onSourceLoad,
    getSocket: getSocket
It’s been a while since I’ve delpth with javascript and modules etc though


OK.. I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong. The babel configuration doesn’t support the type of exports that’s used in Krell Adding the correct babel plugin should do the trick


Just need to figure out what that is