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Daniel Jomphe17:06:47

Following the upgrade to Datomic Cloud 973-9132, when pushing ions, :dependency-conflicts are reported as if the cluster ran on e.g. clojure 1.10, which is certainly false. From experience, this is a false (static) signal due to the absence of a new accompanying release of ion-dev, right? So it's safe to assume it's OK to use clojure 1.11 even though it tells me it's overwritten back to 1.10, right?

Joe Lane17:06:40

@U0514DPR7, using an older ion-dev will show 1.10 as the dep conflict. The cloud compute nodes are using Clojure 1.11.0 in the latest release.

Daniel Jomphe17:06:14

Thanks for the confirmation, Joe.


having trouble connecting to datomic running in docker

docker run -p 4334:4334 --rm -t datomic
Launching with Java options -server -Xms1g -Xmx1g  -Ddatomic.printConnectionInfo=true
Starting datomic:<DB-NAME>, storing data in: data ...
System started datomic:<DB-NAME>, storing data in: data
(d/create-database "datomic:") => org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Connection is broken: " Connection refused (Connection refused):" [90067-171]


If I run the container with --net host however, it works. I have no idea why. Is there any gotcha I'm missing when it comes to datomic in docker?


I think I've made a bit of progress, the 4335 port wasn't published. I've made sure to publish all ports using: docker run -p 4334:4334 -p 4335:4335 -p 4336:4336 --rm -t datomic Now I get this error instead:

main] WARN datomic.coordination - {:event :coord/lookup-endpoint-failed, :pid 196831, :tid 1}
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Remote connections to this server are not allowed, see -tcpAllowOthers [90117-171]


Current solution: stop using docker. what a mess

Leaf Garland20:06:17

You're almost there, the H2 server used for local dev only allows Follow the instructions in that page to set passwords and enable remote access.

Leaf Garland20:06:07

The reason it works with host networking is because that puts your docker container on the same host, so the default of local connections only still works.


Using as the Datomic host IP address seems suspect to me